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While there are often questions about the rights of a father compared to a mother, the reality is that there is no difference. Once a father has their paternity confirmed, they have the same legal rights regarding a minor child as the mother.

Despite being equal under the law, many custody cases result in the mother receiving most or all of the parental control. From decision-making to parenting-time, fathers often feel as though they have been treated unfairly. Given the importance of the relationship with your child, it is vital to get in touch with an experienced family lawyer at our office as soon as possible to protect your rights. Learn more about your options during an initial consultation with a well-versed Ottawa father’s rights lawyer.

Recognizing the Rights of the Father

The birth mother has certain rights regarding their minor child from the moment of birth. The same is not true of every father. For many fathers, rights related to parenting time or decision-making are only awarded after they have verified that they are the legitimate father of the child. This is known as establishing paternity.

There are different ways you might be able to establish paternity and exercise your rights as a father. In some cases, the law might presume that you are the father and grant those rights automatically. This is common if the mother of your child is your spouse or if you were married to her around the time of the birth.

Even if there is no presumption of paternity, both parents have the option to voluntarily acknowledge the rights of the father. If both parties agree on the identity of the father, a document is signed by both people to formalize the relationship.

However, both parents will not always see eye to eye when it comes to the question of paternity. When conflicts arise, legal action may be necessary for you to establish paternity. A knowledgeable Ottawa father’s rights legal professional could assist throughout the entire legal process and handle filing your claim with the local courts. Once this case is initiated, the judge will require you and the child to submit to DNA testing. If there is a genetic match, the court will award you the rights and responsibilities that you deserve as a father.

Types of Parental Rights and Responsibilities

There are different rights associated with fatherhood. However, all issues related to the custody and support of your child are governed by what is in the child’s best interest. Our seasoned father’s rights lawyers based in Ottawa could advise you on each of these concepts.


Parenting time is the term used to describe the right to determine where the child lives. While it is possible to split parenting time, the courts often award it to a single parent.

Decision-making Authority

Decision-making responsibilities involve the right to make vital decisions on a child’s behalf. These decisions could relate to their medical care, religious upbringing, or education.


Access, or visitation, relates to a parent’s ability to spend time with their child even though they have not been awarded parenting time. Access can be significant, or it could be limited depending on the best interest of the child.

Talk to an Ottawa Father’s Rights Lawyer Right Away

As a father, it is important for you to enforce your rights—or you might risk losing them. Any delay could allow your rights to disappear.

Do not put your relationship with your children in danger by trying to handle this high-stakes situation on your own. Reach out to a skilled Ottawa father’s rights lawyer today to for help with your case.

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