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In an ideal scenario, any matters central to the breakdown of a marriage are dealt with in the divorce process and the final settlement. However, life is unpredictable, and sometimes issues that did not rise to the forefront during initial proceedings may rear their head after the divorce order has been finalized.

When you find yourself in this situation, you do not have to deal with the dispute alone. You should immediately seek help from a Toronto post-divorce disputes lawyer who could inform you of your rights and legal options. An experienced divorce lawyer like Paul Riley could offer you peace of mind throughout the process while providing the constant and unwavering advocacy you deserve.

Understanding The Most Common Post-Divorce Disputes

There are several situations in which a dispute that requires the assistance of a Toronto lawyer can arise in the aftermath of a divorce. Whether these issues appear because they were not adequately dealt with in the initial settlement or because circumstances have since changed, know that these disputes are relatively common. Still, they can prove particularly complex to handle without seasoned legal representation.

For example, even when assets are divided during the divorce process, concerns may arise later, such as when one party tries to sell the former home that the two parties shared. Financial support is another common matter that may lead to conflict well after the divorce has been finalized, whether that pertains to spousal support or child support payments. For instance, a parent paying child or spousal support might seek to modify their financial obligation if there has been a substantial change in circumstances that would warrant the current order unsustainable or incompatible.

Post-divorce disputes can also arise if you or your former spouse do not follow the terms of your divorce order, such as by failing to pay the amount of spousal support or child support owed. Parenting time or decision-making responsibilities are also matters that can lead to a post-divorce dispute, such as when one party:

  • Seeks a modification of the current parenting order
  • Obstructs the other’s rights to access their children
  • Fails to show up for their allotted parenting time

When you are facing a post-divorce dispute of any kind, speaking with a knowledgeable Toronto lawyer as soon as possible is essential to ensure that you are not left at a legal disadvantage and that your rights are safeguarded.

Finding the Right Legal Representation to Advocate for You in Post-Divorce Disputes

Post-divorce litigation is always a stressful experience, but attempting to steer through these legal waters on your own may prove infinitely more challenging and be detrimental to your ability to pursue the most favorable outcome in your case. A capable Toronto lawyer could handle the legal complexities of post-divorce disputes on your behalf while helping you avoid situational errors that rob you of precious time and are incredibly costly.

A committed legal professional could serve as a buffer between you and your former spouse or any other parties involved and be your dedicated advocate before the court. Moreover, a lawyer could help handle aspects like filing motions and other required documentation with the court, presenting well-strategized proposals and arguments on your behalf, and ensuring you are not unfairly taken advantage of by the other side.

Call a Toronto Post-Divorce Disputes Lawyer Now

While some post-divorce disputes may be relatively straightforward to resolve, others can quickly become contentious and litigious. Therefore, it is vital to have broad legal knowledge and in-depth experience on your side, qualities that a diligent lawyer like Paul Riley could provide at each phase of your legal case.

If you are currently facing a post-divorce issue, your next call should be to a Toronto post-divorce disputes lawyer who could provide clarity and advice. Call today to arrange your confidential legal consultation with a legal professional specializing in these cases.

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