Real Estate Complications During a Toronto High-Asset Divorce

High-asset divorce cases are incredibly complex, partly because couples in these situations often have multiple real estate properties. When you and your spouse are divorcing and seeking guidance to understand your property rights, the trained lawyers at The Riley Firm could help. We could answer your questions and help you obtain a fair property settlement.

Paul Riley could help you navigate real estate complications during a Toronto high-asset divorce. Our firm provides exceptional legal representation to those ending their marriages. Our high-net-worth divorce lawyer understands the nuanced process of identifying and dividing assets. Call us anytime to speak with a knowledgeable legal professional.

Determining Real Estate Ownership in a Divorce

Under the Family Law Act, the court begins the property division process by classifying each spouse’s assets to calculate the family property. Family property does not include inheritance, gifts, or life insurance proceeds. Additionally, the court may not add to family property the income someone receives from inherited property.

When you or your spouse disagree about who owns what high-asset real property, you may ask a Toronto divorce court to investigate and determine ownership. For example, if you and your spouse disagree on what ownership rights each person has in the marital home, you may ask the court to:

  • Review pertinent documents
  • Discern possession rights
  • Divide assets between you and your spouse

A lawyer who understands the common complications of high-asset divorces in Toronto could represent you in court to ensure your assets remain intact.

Real Estate Disputes in a High-Net-Worth Divorce

During a divorce, high-asset couples may disagree on many property issues. For instance, if your spouse purchased a beach property before the marriage but shared it with you during the union, you and your spouse may disagree on whether this property is a marital vacation home or your spouse’s separate property.

Additionally, if one spouse moves out during the divorce or separation, you may disagree about who should pay the mortgage or other housing expenses during the physical separation. Likewise, spouses may disagree about selling the matrimonial house, or if only one spouse paid for significant renovations, you may disagree about equal asset distribution. When you own multiple real estate properties or spouses contribute to the estates, issues are compounded.

Often, Toronto residents who own high-asset properties and are seeking a divorce benefit from the advice of a seasoned lawyer. A lawyer like Paul Riley could help you understand your legal rights to property and guide settlement discussions when real estate disputes arise.

A Toronto Lawyer Can Help People Navigate Real Estate Disputes During High-Asset Divorces

Contentious real estate disputes can arise during a high-asset divorce, potentially stalling the legal process. When you are divorcing or considering a divorce and have high-value real property, consider contacting a Toronto lawyer with the knowledge and resources to help. A respected lawyer could guide you throughout the legal process and protect your property rights.

Our high-asset divorce lawyers at The Riley Divorce & Family Law Firm have the experience to help you confidently move through factual property disputes. We could stand up for your rights and help you negotiate a fair property settlement during a divorce. Schedule a consultation today to address your questions about real estate complications during a Toronto high-asset divorce. We are available 24/7 to discuss your case.

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