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The legal process of mediation can be highly advantageous in a wide range of circumstances. While various legal processes may be streamlined through mediation, situations involving divorce and determinations regarding parenting time or decision-making responsibility are among the most common.

When you are interested in pursuing a legal agreement with your former spouse or partner through the mediation process, you should consult with a seasoned divorce lawyer at our firm. A Kawartha Lakes mediation lawyer could walk you through each step and manage any questions or hurdles that may arise while supporting you in pursuing the most advantageous conclusion to your legal matter.

Advantages of Mediation vs. Going to Court

A mediator is an impartial third party trained in procedural matters that may or may not be a lawyer. It is important to understand that, unlike the court’s decision, the mediator’s determination does not legally compel either party unless they agree on the outcome.

The mediator’s role is not to proffer legal guidance but to consider all factors involved and help both parties reach a favorable result. As such, it is wise to also have a skilled Kawartha lawyer at your side throughout the mediation process. There are many possible advantages to selecting mediation over the regular court process for divorce-related matters, whether these pertain to the division of assets, the parenting plan, or otherwise.

For one, you do not have to leave the outcome of the process to the mercy of the judge. You can instead work in concert with your former spouse towards a sensible solution in an environment that can be infinitely less adversarial than a traditional courtroom. Mediation can take less time than a divorce case resolved through the courts and tends to be more financially expeditious. Moreover, the fact that the mediator’s decision is not binding means that you cannot be forced to take part in the process and that you can pursue another avenue to resolve matters if you find that mediation no longer works for you.

Understanding the Mediation Process

After consulting with a well-practiced Kawartha Lakes lawyer and assuming both parties consent to take part in the mediation, all points of concern you hope to resolve with your former spouse through this process will need to be delineated. Once you select a mediator, you will submit all points of concern to them in a detailed agreement signed by both parties.

Sometimes, mediation can reach its conclusion in hours, while other situations may require several meetings. Both parties, as well as your respective lawyers, would be in the meeting with the mediator.

Should you achieve a consensus, the next step would be to have your capable lawyer carefully evaluate the proposed agreement and offer guidance regarding any advisable changes. Your former spouse and their lawyer can do the same. If both parties finalize and sign the agreement, the document will be legally binding for you and your former spouse.

Reach Out to a Kawartha Lakes Mediation Lawyer to Discuss Your Legal Needs

When you are considering mediation as a means of resolving one or more matters arising from divorce proceedings, it is vital that you first speak with a knowledgeable lawyer. Our Kawartha Lakes mediation lawyers could provide the answers and insights you seek.

Call now to discuss your mediation questions with one of our dedicated lawyers.

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