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While divorce represents the end of your marriage, it does not guarantee that you have seen the end of conflicts with your former spouse. Many legal matters—including spousal support—will persist long after the divorce is finalized. When these issues result in a conflict, our experienced divorce lawyers might be able to help.

If you are involved in a potential dispute with your ex, it may be time to seek legal action. There are a variety of enforcement options you could pursue if your former partner has failed to keep up with the terms of the divorce agreement. During an initial consultation, an Ottawa post-divorce disputes lawyer could review your case and advise you on your various rights.

Resolving Disputes Without Litigation

If your ex fails to adhere to the terms of your divorce, it is understandable if your first instinct is to begin an aggressive legal battle. However, your best option might be to first try and resolve things amicably, and a post-divorce disputes lawyer in Ottawa could assist.

Disputes that arise following a divorce can happen for many reasons. There are times when these conflicts result from a genuine mistake or misunderstanding and can eventually be resolved on their own.

At other times, your lawyer could negotiate with your previous partner to address genuine issues that have come up since the divorce was finalized. Reaching an amicable agreement might not always be an option, but there are times when former spouses can get on the same page to resolve their differences. A knowledgeable Ottawa post-disputes divorce lawyer could be invaluable throughout this process.

Enforcing Current Orders

Post-divorce disputes frequently center on the failure of at least one party to adhere to an order of the court. In some cases, a divorce could spell out certain obligations that extend long after the divorce case is finished. The most common examples of these obligations involve child support, spousal support, and custody issues.

There are countless ways your ex could fail to adhere to the terms of the court order. Some examples could include neglecting to make child support payments, making late spousal support payments, or failing to adhere to the terms of the established parenting schedule.

When it is not possible to resolve disputes amicably, it could be possible to pursue legal action that could push your former spouse to comply. The court has various tools at its disposal to help enforce these kinds of orders.

Modifying Court Orders

Some of the more contentious aspects of post-divorce disputes involve efforts to change the terms of the divorce decree. These requests can occur naturally, or they can result from failed efforts to enforce the terms of the original agreement.

When circumstances in the life of either parent change, a modification to the terms of the divorce agreement might be necessary. There are times when it becomes essential for one parent or another to seek a change to the parenting-time agreement or to seek a modification of the amount of child support paid.

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If you are dealing with a disagreement following your divorce, it may be crucial to retain legal counsel to help you resolve it. You deserve a lawyer that will provide you with the guidance you need when you need it.

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