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Family law disputes tend to be among the most challenging and complex legal issues due to the subject matter and parties involved. An experienced Ottawa family lawyer could help you resolve and address issues involving parenting time, spousal and child support, property division, divorce or separation, and more. Do not engage with these legal processes without representation, work with skilled Family Lawyer Paul Riley.

Common Types of Family Law Issues

Family law encompasses many types of legal issues that family members or housemates could encounter. These issues could relate to spouses, children, roommates, property owned by the spouses, and agreements relating to such things. For instance, our lawyer commonly helps families in Ottawa with the following legal cases:

When a legal issue arises between loved ones, a steadfast family lawyer in Ottawa could assist in seeking a fair and reasonable resolution. Often, family law issues involve tense situations, so working with a knowledgeable family lawyer could make a substantial difference in resolving these matters in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Do Family Law Issues Always Require Court Intervention?

Whether or not a family law issue requires the parties to go to court depends on the type of dispute and who is involved. Some issues can be resolved without presenting before a court. Examples of alternative dispute resolution options for family law disputes include:

  • Informal negotiations between parties
  • Mediation or formal negotiations
  • Collaborative practice negotiations
  • Cooperative negotiations
  • Arbitration

Informal negotiations often take place between the parties themselves but could also include a third party to help promote fairness and legal viability, potentially making independently reached agreements one of the most cost-effective options available. Mediation is a formal negotiation involving a mediator who acts as a neutral third party to help identify the issues and work towards a mutually beneficial agreement.

A collaborative practice negotiation is more formal and involves the parties and legal, financial, and family relations professionals negotiating an agreement and signing a contract with a commitment not to seek court intervention. A cooperative negotiation is another type of formal negotiation process involving the parties and their lawyers or other professionals; however, there is no contract or other agreement preventing the parties from seeking court intervention if an agreement cannot be reached.

Arbitration is similar to a court hearing in that there is an appointed decision-maker, called the arbitrator, who is tasked with addressing the issues and making a decision that all parties must abide by and which is enforceable like a court order. A well-versed Ottawa family lawyer understands the many options available to individuals facing family law issues that could help avoid the court process altogether.

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Paul Riley offer assistance with a great range of family law issues both in and outside of divorce, some of which do not always require a hearing before a judge. Let a legal professional assist you in the negotiation of agreements and mediation of contested issues. A seasoned Ottawa family lawyer understands your interests in adopting an effective, cost-efficient, and timely approach to resolving your legal issue. Call any time, day or night, for a case consultation on your family law matter.

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