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Many factors can affect the amount of child support a parent must pay their ex. Typically, only one parent pays child support; however, it is incumbent upon both parents to see to the financial well-being of their child or children. Legal penalties can be severe when a parent neglects their support duty.

A Kawartha Lakes child support enforcement lawyer could assist when you face a child support payment issue. A dedicated child support lawyer like Paul Riley could ensure you understand all support obligations as a payor or recipient parent, helping you take appropriate action when your ex undermines these responsibilities.

Child Support Arrangements

Child support agreements can be enforced in various contexts, so seeking advice from a Kawartha Lakes lawyer about your case is crucial. Child support arrangements commonly arise during a couple’s divorce or separation.

However, the court may impose child support obligations after the successful conclusion of a parentage case, such as a paternity suit. Typically, the parent with whom the child lives most of the time is the recipient parent, but both parents should support their children.

The number of children you share with your former spouse or partner—as well as the gross income of the paying parent—will factor into the amount owed. The distribution of parenting time and the specific financial needs of your children’s unique situation can also affect the child support amount owed. Child support obligations can be assessed upon the agreement of both parents or through the court’s instruction.

Child Support Enforcement Options

When the paying parent no longer observes their child support obligation, a Kawartha Lakes enforcement of child support lawyer could help you pursue all enforcement options. If you are facing an enforcement action after getting behind on child support payments, seeking legal counsel is equally imperative.

Enforcement actions go through the Family Responsibility Office (FRO), which takes a broad range of penalizing measures to recover the amount owed from a non-paying parent. These actions include wage garnishment or seizure of certain benefits such as insurance funds or tax refunds.

Further action may also be taken at the discretion of the FRO to collect all required money. For example, the FRO can suspend licenses held by the non-paying parent and travel and identification documents like a driver’s license or passports. Liens against an individual’s property and the seizure of such assets can also be included in such punitive actions.  In some cases, the non-paying parent could also be ordered to pay back support, fines, and even serve jail time.

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Sometimes, the circumstances of a parent or the child may change after the original support amount was calculated. It may be possible to modify the original court order in such situations to serve the underlying best interests of the child.

Changing circumstances does not mean a parent can stop paying child support. Speak with one of our Kawartha Lakes child support enforcement lawyers at The Riley Divorce & Family Law Firm. A committed legal professional at our firm could help you take prompt legal action to ensure your child’s welfare remains the priority. Call today for a confidential consultation about your case. We are available 24/7 to assist you.

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