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A high-net-worth divorce involves unique challenges which are largely related to the identification, valuation, and distribution of a couple’s assets. Those who have spent their lives working hard to acquire a high level of wealth are more at risk than others. High-net-worth individuals should work with a divorce lawyer who has experience handling these types of cases to reduce their risk and ensure that the end result is full and fair asset distribution.

With decades of experience handling complex financial issues in divorce, a Toronto high-net-worth divorce lawyer like Paul Riley offers superior knowledge and care to our high-net-worth clients. Our focus and culture of excellence demand that we deliver exceptional work and client service in the most efficient manner possible.

By assembling and working with a team of professionals, including business and asset evaluators, forensic accountants, tax specialists, and others, our firm offers peace of mind to our clients involved in high-stakes divorces as we work to minimize their personal financial risk.

Understanding High-Asset Divorce Cases

A high net-worth divorce is much more complicated because there are many more legal entities involved, and of course, the outcomes are magnified. People with high income, large assets, and significant net worth have a lot at stake when considering a divorce.

There could be multiple trusts, various investment portfolios, real estate, luxury items, or priceless art involved. These all stand as potential targets in a divorce proceeding.

Assets not protected by a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement may be subject to division if the court deems them as part of the marital estate. Let a Toronto high-asset divorce lawyer with significant experience working with wealthy couples help safeguard you from a catastrophic loss.

Common Mistakes in Toronto High-Asset Divorce Cases

In a divorce, you are entitled to a fair distribution of the assets that you and your spouse acquired during your marriage. Unfortunately, some common errors or misrepresentations could stand in the way of fair distribution in a divorce case involving high net-worth spouses.

For instance, your spouse might try to hide information regarding his or her assets to try to prevent them from being distributed fairly. Additionally, even if you and your spouse are amicable, failure to thoroughly examine the full extent of your marital assets could result in some being left out before the settlement is completed, thereby preventing you from collecting the distribution you might be entitled to receive. Another potential error is a hasty settlement agreement that has not been reviewed by an experienced legal professional. Unreviewed property settlements could lead to an unfair outcome and often leave high net-worth spouses feeling dissatisfied post-divorce.

Failing to seek the assistance of a Toronto high-asset divorce lawyer like Paul Riley could be detrimental. When there are significant assets at stake, you can rest assured that a local lawyer will include all divisible properties in a divorce settlement agreement.

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Navigating any divorce case can be challenging, as it is rarely a simple process. However, when a significant amount of assets are on the line, the divorce could become an even more contentious case, potentially requiring the assistance of a legal professional. Our knowledgeable Toronto high net-worth divorce lawyers could provide guidance and support throughout the dissolution of your marriage to help ensure all properties are distributed fairly. Call now for a case consultation of your high net-worth divorce.

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