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When a couple divorces or separates, or when another legal process—such as a paternity case—establishes parentage, a court order or agreement between the parties will formalize the allocation of parenting time. Both parties must respect the provisions of a parenting order, although these parameters may be modified in some cases when the child’s needs or circumstances of either parent change.

A hard-working Kawartha Lakes parenting time enforcement lawyer like Paul Riley could provide vigilant representation and advocacy in court. Whether your ex fails to accept or follow through with the agreed-upon parenting time, our skilled parenting time lawyers could help you pursue a range of enforcement options specific to your case.

Understanding Parenting Time Duties

Parenting time is crucial in a divorce or separation where the parties share a child or children. Understand that there is no set arrangement for parenting time. Still, the courts generally favor plans for the child or children to retain a relationship and spend periods with both parents.

The allocation of parenting time can impose a range of obligations. Parenting time includes periods in which a child is physically in your house but is under your charge, such as at school or engaging in extracurricular activities.

Many parents share parenting time, but there may be situations where one parent retains the larger share of parenting time. Another joint parenting time arrangement is when the parties have multiple children living in varying periods with each parent. Even if a parent has been denied traditional parenting time, they may still be permitted to spend time with their child in a supervised setting.

A detailed parenting plan should include provisions for where the child or children will be not only during the:

  • School year
  • Holidays
  • Vacations
  • Other specified periods.

Your child’s needs and each parent’s schedule will likely dictate the provisions of a parenting plan. When your former spouse or partner fails to observe the confines of the current parenting time arrangement, a Kawartha Lakes parenting time reiteration lawyer could help you review your enforcement options.

Seeking Enforcement of a Parenting Order

You may hire a Kawartha Lakes parenting time lawyer to seek enforcement when a parent fails to return the child to the other parent after their agreed-upon interval. It may also be necessary to seek enforcement of a parenting order if one party consistently fails to show up for their scheduled parenting time.

Neither party should fail to honor the current agreement, as the penalties associated with ignoring provisions of a current parenting order are often drastic.

For example, the non-compliant parent may be obligated to pay the other parent as restitution for the cost associated with non-observance of the existing order. The court could also impose additional fines and even jail time as penalties.

Consult With a Kawartha Lakes Parenting Time Enforcement Lawyer For Help With Your Case

The court takes violations of parenting orders exceptionally seriously, and the ramifications of neglecting to follow an existing order can be severe.

A Kawartha Lakes parenting time enforcement lawyer could ensure your case is handled with the care and attention it deserves. A lawyer at The Riley Divorce & Family Law Firm could also fight to preserve your rights and your child’s interests. Our office is available 24/7 to manage your case and address your concerns. Contact us today to speak with our lawyers about your enforcement case.

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