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When you are a mom going through a divorce or separation from your children’s father and are trying to raise your children without financial support, contact a Kawartha Lakes mother’s rights lawyer. The law grants numerous parental rights for mothers, but you must advocate for yourself and your children to ensure you achieve your desired outcome.

Every situation is unique and deserves a tailored approach. A local family legal professional like Paul Riley could explain your rights and obligations and help you develop a strategy to establish the best life for your children. Contact The Riley Divorce & Family Law Firm today. We are committed to client service that includes 24/7 availability to address your concerns whenever they arise.

Asserting Your Right to Appropriate Parenting Time

The Divorce Act and the Children’s Law Reform Act hold that both parents have the right to significant time with their children. The law requires that the children’s best interests trump the parent’s preferences, presuming that a child spending considerable time with each parent is ultimately beneficial.

Sometimes, fathers who formerly showed little interest in their children use the law to seek more parenting time than you might think appropriate. A Kawartha Lakes maternal rights lawyer could demonstrate that you have been the children’s primary caregiver and that the father has little experience managing or addressing their educational, social, or health needs. A skilled lawyer like Paul Riley could prove that the children would be in the care of nannies or others outside the family when they spend time with their father.

The judge could award the mother the right to sole parenting time if the father has a documented history of domestic violence, sexual abuse, neglect, or mistreatment of children. A mother also could limit a father’s access to the children if she proves that the father’s addiction, substance misuse, or criminal activity renders his home unsafe. The judge might order supervised visits in such cases.

Preserving Your Right to Make Parenting Decisions

Parents living apart while raising children together must establish how they will co-parent. Decision-making responsibility includes where the child attends school, whether they participate in particular sports or activities, what church they attend, and what healthcare interventions they receive.

Courts generally favor parents sharing decision-making responsibility even when one parent has the most parenting time. You and your former partner should establish a method for resolving disagreements when they arise. Some parents allocate responsibility for certain decisions to one parent or the other.

If you feel strongly that you cannot share decision-making authority with your former partner, a Kawartha Lakes legal professional experienced in mother’s rights could advocate for you to have sole decision-making authority. However, even if successful, the father still has the right to information regarding the children and can access their health and school records.

Ensuring You Have Appropriate Financial Resources

If you prefer to stay in the home where you have been raising the children, courts are often responsive to awarding possession of the matrimonial home in furtherance of stability for the children. However, you may need to adjust other financial arrangements to pay the father for his interest in the property.

The law ensures that children’s lifestyles do not change significantly because their parents choose to live apart. The parent with primary parenting time usually receives a payment from the other parent, contributing to the expenses of raising the child. The Ontario Child Support Guidelines provide a table based on the parent’s incomes, the number of children they support, how much time the non-primary parent spends with the children, and other factors. The table amount provides for basic expenses, but the parent with primary parenting time could argue for additional support to ensure the children do not suffer a significant change in their accustomed lifestyle.

If you are unmarried and your child’s father has not acknowledged paternity, you must legally establish his parentage to receive child support. A mother’s advocacy lawyer in Kawartha Lakes could advise you on the available strategies to prove paternity and secure the father’s financial responsibility for your child.

Trust A Kawartha Lakes Lawyer to Advocate for Your Rights as a Mother

Your divorce or separation from a co-parent can cause emotional turmoil and stress. You do not have to go through this alone. A committed legal professional at The Riley Divorce & Family Law Firm could guide you through the process and fight for your best interest.

A Kawartha Lakes mother’s rights lawyer like Paul Riley has the skills and experience to ensure you meet your goals for your children. Call anytime 24/7 to speak with a knowledgeable family law practitioner.

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