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Parenting time – formerly referred to as child custody – is an important issue that is closely related to the wellbeing of a minor child. Disputes over parenting time are common during the divorce process but can also arise between parents who were never married.

If you are facing a dispute over parenting time, it is important to have a responsive family lawyer on your side. Your choice of legal counsel could have a major impact on the outcome of your custody dispute. Let a Toronto parenting time lawyer advise you of your options.

Understanding Parenting Time in Toronto

Parenting time is a parent’s right to spend meaningful time with their child, whereas decision-making responsibility is the right to weigh in on the important choices in a child’s life. It is possible to have parenting time with your child without having any decision-making responsibilities.

Parenting schedules can take different forms. In some cases, the best option is a fixed schedule where parents have access to the children during a set schedule every week. This schedule is planned out over the course of the year and takes into account vacations and school.

Another option is a flexible schedule where parents can make arrangements in ways that are convenient for both of them. Flexible parenting schedules might not be a realistic option for every set of parents. Fortunately, it is possible to revert to a fixed schedule when necessary. A child custody lawyer at the Riley Divorce and Family Law Firm could help parents in and around Toronto weigh their options when it comes to setting a parenting time schedule.

Supervised vs Unsupervised Parenting Time

Parenting time may be supervised or unsupervised, depending on the facts of a case. As the name suggests, unsupervised parenting time gives you the right to spend time with your child on your own. Unsupervised parenting time is the norm in most cases.

On the other hand, if the court determines that supervised parenting time is in the best interest of your child, a neutral third party would have to be present during your or your co-parent’s time with your child. Supervision is only required in cases where there are concerns over the child’s wellbeing and safety and allows a parent to have time with their child without compromising the child’s safety.

In rare cases, a judge could order no parenting time. These orders are considered an extreme option and are reserved for situations where there is proof of child abuse or neglect. If it becomes clear that even supervision cannot guarantee a child’s safety during parenting time, an order preventing access to the child could be necessary. A Toronto child custody lawyer could provide more insight into which type of parenting time order may be issued in your case.

Call a Toronto Parenting Time Lawyer Right Away

You have rights when it comes to access to your children. Whether you are going through a divorce or are involved in a parenting time dispute outside of divorce, Paul Riley could help you enforce those rights.

Your parenting time is important, and conflicts between co-parents can arise at any time. That is why our firm offers 24-hour availability to ensure your rights are protected. Call right away to learn how a Toronto parenting time lawyer could help in your case.

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