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Creating a detailed and enforceable postnuptial agreement need not cause friction between you and your spouse. Instead, ensuring that your rights are adequately protected and that the obligations and entitlements of both parties are distinctly recorded in a legally binding document can provide greater peace of mind about your financial future.

A Kawartha Lakes postnuptial agreements lawyer who understands the laws and guidelines surrounding these documents could help you establish this binding contract. Additionally, a knowledgeable marital contracts lawyer at The Riley Divorce & Family Law Firm could assist in constructing an agreement that addresses your priorities while handling any concerns with the sensitivity and personal attention they deserve.

The Benefits of Executing a Postnuptial Agreement

While executing a postnuptial agreement may appear to be an awkward or even contentious subject at first glance, these contracts can be highly beneficial for both parties involved while clearing up any significant concerns that could occur in the future should your relationship status change. In addition to clearly outlining the specific rights of both parties, such documents can also help to ensure that one spouse does not retain an unfair advantage over the other in matters like the division of marital assets or debt and even special provisions that could impact children you share.

While prenuptial agreements, drafted before marriage, are standard, sometimes the flurry of events or circumstances preceding the union results in no such contract being made. When this happens, it may be beneficial to speak with a seasoned Kawartha Lakes lawyer to discuss whether a postnuptial agreement might be suitable. Of course, you may never need to use your prenuptial agreement, but facing the future without one could put you on shaky legal ground if something unexpected occurs.

Elements of a Postnuptial Agreement

There are many different provisions that a postnuptial agreement can account for. One of the most common concerns these types of agreements address is the division of marital and non-marital assets if you and your spouse were to separate or terminate the marriage. Marital assets are those accumulated during your marriage, while non-marital assets are what you and your spouse had before the marriage and brought into it. Items such as gifts or money from an inheritance are also typically considered non-marital assets.

While it might seem like these assets would be easily delineated, this is not always the case, as the comingling of assets and appreciation in value are just a few factors that can blur these lines. Also, you and your spouse might want special provisions regarding an asset such as the marital home, which is subject to different division rules in the event of divorce than other types of property.

Spousal support is another essential concern that a capable Kawartha Lakes lawyer such as Paul Riley could help you address in a detailed postnuptial agreement. In addition to drawing a line for ownership and rights to certain assets, a postnup can clearly outline legal obligations as they pertain to any financial liabilities or debt owed by your spouse.

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A Kawartha Lakes postnuptial agreements lawyer could help you better understand the legal rights and liabilities that arise in the event of divorce. Our dedicated legal team could help ensure your interests are fully safeguarded while guiding you through creating a comprehensive and equitable postnuptial agreement.

Do not wait to speak with a lawyer if you have questions about establishing a postnuptial agreement. Contact our office today to schedule your confidential legal consultation and discuss the advantages of a postnup.

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