The Occasional Cheater

The Occasional Cheater

Toronto and Ottawa Divorce and Family Lawyer: The Occasional Cheater

The Occasional Cheater

Excerpts From The Book by Paul Riley:


A Divorce Lawyer’s Guide To Rebuilding Confidence and Finding a Great Relationship 

This guy will cheat if the opportunity presents itself. Unlike the perpetual cheater, this guy does not go looking for action elsewhere, but if he’s on a business trip or out on a ‘boys weekend’ and there is an attractive women who is into it, he’ll cheat… 

He gets caught up in the moment and just goes along with it. This guy feels remorse after the fact, but only after and only for a little while… 

The occasional cheater won’t come home and confess to anybody. Kind of like “whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, he is okay with keeping it a secret and he is okay with doing it again. This guy doesn’t keep up long term affairs. He thinks the commitment he made to his partner is important, but he doesn’t feel he has to be perfect in terms of his fidelity…

He rationalizes it by thinking that as long as his affairs are not frequent and he doesn’t get involved with anyone on a long-term basis then he is doing his part. Like the perpetual cheater, this guy doesn’t believe that it’s realistic for a man to be with just one woman, but for the most part he tries to honor his commitment… 

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