The Importance of Hiring a CDS Trained Attorney

Divorce is never ideal. With personal and real property at stake to financial trusts, and oftentimes the involvement of children, a process which may have started out with the intention of being amicable can turn very messy quickly. To make matters worse, negotiating and finalizing a divorce settlement can take months and sometimes years to fully finalize. Therefore, it is crucial that if you are considering divorcing your spouse that you not only hire a licensed lawyer that can negotiate a divorce settlement, but one that is specifically trained as a Certified Divorce Specialist (CDS).

What is a Certified Divorce Specialist?

CERTIFIED DIVORCE SPECIALISTA Certified Divorce Specialist is a professional who has completed a specialized training, the Certified Divorce Specialists Program, which is designed to provide a more comprehensive service for their divorcing clients. The CDS curriculum focuses around training professionals on specialized communication skills that they can then apply to their various client sessions. Additionally, the program also emphasizes financial, legal, mental health, and real estate information to prepare the professional to have a more holistic understanding to frame their client interactions.

Why is hiring a CDS so important?

Arguably one of the most important things you can do when hiring a divorce attorney is ensuring you are hiring a CDS trained attorney as it means that your legal team has taken the additional time, money, and effort to secure additional training to ensure that they are better prepared to address your specific needs and improve your overall experience. Not only do they receive tailored divorce education and communication skills, they are also provided with greater resources for further education, as well as a larger network of individuals with the same goals of supporting divorcees. CDS trained attorneys are also more familiar with the various stages and challenges you will undergo through your divorce process, from emotional, to legal, and financial. Additionally, they are equipped with further training on how to support and protect your child’s best interests. Perhaps most importantly, CDS trained attorneys are trained to support their clients emotionally with empathy, patience, and individualized attention.

Here at the Riley Divorce and Family Firm we recognize just how difficult going through a divorce can be, for both parents and children. For this reason, each member of our firm has gone through CDS training with the hopes that we will be better prepared to understand and meet your needs. If you are in need of comprehensive support from a team of experienced professionals to guide you through your divorce process, contact Riley Divorce and Family Firm today!

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The Importance of Hiring a CDS Trained Attorney
Divorce is never ideal. With personal and real property at stake to financial trusts, and oftentimes the involvement of children,...
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