Don’t Blame Yourself

Don’t Blame Yourself

Toronto and Ottawa Divorce and Family Lawyer: Don’t Blame Yourself

Don’t Blame Yourself

Excerpts From The Book by Paul Riley:


A Divorce Lawyer’s Guide To Rebuilding Confidence and Finding a Great Relationship 

If you get cheated on, you have to treat it as what it is. Someone else did something harmful at your expense, but it’s not a reflection of who you are or your worth… 

A large part of my time spent as a divorce lawyer is in the company of people who have recently had their trust breached.  As a result, I am often thrust into the role of confidence coach, trying to help rebuild their self-esteem after they have had their hearts broken and they see their worlds coming apart… 

The first thing I encourage people in that position to do is to create a “Why I am Great” list, putting down on paper all the positive things about themselves and their lives; achievements, friendships, etc… 

When you find out you have been cheated on would be an ideal time to pull out such a list or to make one. You have to remind yourself that you are awesome and that the way you are feeling right now will pass. Keep in mind that many people go through this experience and come out better still…Don’t let the weakness of another person derail your life for too long… Every single day, millions of people get cheated on… This is not unique behaviour and is no reflection on you. 

Now is a time for positive self-talk. Remind yourself how fabulous you are. Motivate yourself with positive affirmations. Don’t fall victim to that negative voice in your head. 

Let Paul Riley, One of Ottawa’s and Greater Toronto Area’s Premier Divorce and Family Lawyers Handle Your Case: 

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