“Cheated” On… Now What?

Excerpts From The Book by Paul Riley:


A Divorce Lawyer’s Guide To Rebuilding Confidence and Finding a Great Relationship

A lovely woman walked into my law office about 8 years ago. She was intelligent, stylish and clearly successful. She sat down in our conference room and told me that I needed to get her out of her marriage “post haste”.

She proceeded to tell me that her husband had done nothing wrong, that he was a great guy. She had a twelve-year old daughter with him and their life together has been really good.

Then she said she had been cheated on, not by the husband but by the man she was in love with before she had met her husband.

For fifteen years she had been carrying around the remnants of that prior relationship. For fifteen years she had been unable to trust a man. She married her husband and admitted he was a great guy, but because of what happened to her with her old boyfriend, she still couldn’t bring herself to fully trust and it was eating away at her marriage.

The effects of being cheated on can be devastating to anyone. Infidelity is so pervasive in our society that we tend to think, “OK, cheated on? Brush yourself off and keep it moving.”

However, to many women it is not so easy to get past a betrayal by a lover who looked them in the eyes, told them they loved them more than anything in the world, then went out and broke their trust. Sometimes the damage is devastating and the pain long lasting.

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