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Resolving Unique Settlements In A High Net Worth Divorce

How We Protect The Wealth You've Built

A high-net-worth divorce involves unique challenges which are largely related to the identification, valuation, and distribution of the couple's assets. Those who have spent their lives working hard to acquire a high level of wealth have more at risk than others. High-net-worth individuals need a law firm with experience handling these types of cases to reduce their risk and ensure that the end result is a full and fair asset distribution.

With decades of experience handling complex financial issues in divorce, our team of professionals offers superior knowledge and care to our high-net-worth clients. Our focus and culture of excellence demands that we deliver exceptional work and client service in the most efficient manner possible.

By assembling and working with a team of professionals, including business and asset evaluators, forensic accountants, tax specialists and others, our firm offers peace of mind to our clients involved in high-stakes divorces as we work to minimize their personal financial risk.