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Navigating Clients Through A Divorce & Family Law

How We Advocate For Our Clients

We will help you with your legal separation, identify division of property issues, negotiate spousal and child support, create a child custody and parenting agreement that is in your children's best interest, and assist with appeals and modifications. We also work with a team of financial professionals – including forensic accountants, business and pension valuators, real estate and art appraisers, and economists – standing by to assist clients with complex financial situations.

If your divorce is amicable, we will work swiftly to ensure an expeditious resolution. If your divorce is contentious, we will prepare you for litigation and trial. If you have been thinking seriously about filing for divorce, you know that your marriage has been in serious trouble for some time. Conversely, if your spouse has blindsided you by asking for a divorce when you thought that your relationship was not in jeopardy, or that you were
both equally committed to working through your marital problems, you may feel as though the ground is crumbling under your feet.

We know how difficult divorce can be. Many clients who come to our offices are emotionally devastated. Subsequently, they are ill-prepared to make decisions which will affect the rest of their lives. That is where our team of skilled professionals come in. We will help you make wise decisions during your divorce process. Although there are almost always issues to work through, divorce does not have to destroy your finances, your children’s lives, or your ability to trust and move on.

Though it’s the end of your marriage, divorce can also be a fresh start, allowing you to move on freely to the next chapter in your life. Each member of our family law team knows what role they need to play in your case. Working as an effective team, we can move your case forward as quickly and efficiently as possible – because once you have made the final decision to divorce, you want the process to run smoothly and quickly, giving you the opportunity to start over without needless and excessive delays.

We are committed to helping you successfully navigate the minefields of divorce by protecting you and your children, and minimizing your legal and financial risks, as you move on with your life.