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He has appeared on CNN, CBC, Global Television, and CTV. He has been a panelist on the CBCs award winning radio show Q, guest hosted the internationally known interview show As It Happens and has been featured in Toronto Life magazine as one of the most stylish men in Toronto.

His book: Grounds for Love - A Divorce Lawyer's Guide to Rebuilding Confidence and Finding a Great Relationship" was a #1 best seller on Amazon within the first week of publication

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Paul Riley, Grounds For Love Author

Paul Rileys Grounds For Love delivers a uniquely raw and real perspective on navigating todays relationship landscape. With scandalous tales of betrayal pulled from legal files and authentic tangible advice, the divorce lawyer and author takes us deep into the minds of those who stray in a relationship.

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We need to talk: How to discuss divorce like adults

The Four Types of Cheaters

Divorce lawyer and author Paul Riley gives Andrea (and you) the rundown on how to have (or not have) the best divorce you possibly can. He also reveals the "Four Types of Cheaters" and shares some stories from the sometimes crazy world of family law.

Paul Riley

We Need to talk: How to discuss divorce like adults


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